What is oriental fitness?

Published on 11/28/2017

  • What is oriental fitness?
  • What is oriental fitness?
  • What is oriental fitness?
  • What is oriental fitness?
  • What is oriental fitness?
  • What is oriental fitness?
  • What is oriental fitness?
  • What is oriental fitness?

Can you introduce your oriental fitness concept called "Bellyfit"?

It is a 1-hour muscle and cardiovascular strengthening session, using oriental dance music and movements. It begins with a 10-minute warm-up introducing the steps which will be used in the class. Following this there are 15 minutes of muscle building exercises on electronic oriental music, with or without accessories (ballast, elastic band) some of which include dance movements. We keep going with 15 minutes of cardio exercise, with a series of basic dance moves, repeated at a steady pace and 10 minutes of abs, mainly Pilates exercises. We finally finish with 10 minutes of stretching to recover after the effort.

What are the benefits of oriental fitness compared to Bellydance?

Muscle and cardio gain is much more important. For some people who do not like to work the movements’ technique in dance classes, this session allows them to better let go and thus have more fun while improving their muscle structure.

What public is interested in the Bellyfit and present in your classes?

The Bellyfit sessions are mixed but as of today, no men are registered. It is open to any type of public, whether they’re dancers and athletes or not. The current participants, however, are mainly students or former students of Bellydance.

During your lessons do you have to handle the traditional Bellydance accessories (veil, fans, Isis wings... ) and initiate your students?

For the moment, we’ve been using fitness accessories (weighted bracelets and ball), but we can consider using Bellydance accessories such as extra weight for a fun muscular strengthening of the upper body. (arms, shoulders, back and abs). But we will not work on the technique of handling these accessories because the course cannot require for the participants to concentrate or reflect too much.

What’s the ideal outfit to practice oriental fitness?

Sneakers and a comfortable outfit like in traditional fitness are recommended.

Are the taught choreographies and movements the subject of a gala at the end of the year?

No, but we can consider an activity during the gala inviting the public to participate.

When and where can our clients find you to learn about oriental fitness?

On Monday at 6pm at the monplaisir gym, rue de l’écriture à Angers (France).

What is your background in the world of Bellydance?

I have been teaching oriental dance for about ten years and fitness and Pilates for a year. To improve my practice, I regularly participate in workshops and various professional choreographic group projects in the west of France. I also hold a certificate of professional sports leisure coach for maintenance and expression in gymnastic activities, as well as a certification in Pilates.

Sterenn, participant in the oriental fitness classes gives us her opinion…

"What I'm looking for in this class (and I found it) is to be able to stay fit by building muscle and doing cardio exercises that are close to dance. After several years of dancing to learn choreographies, I like the dance side of this course without having to learn. The courses are different every time, which is nice because we do not get bored. They are also very well structured. "


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