Advice on sizes and costumes care

bellydanceAdvice on sizes

Standard belly dance bras, sets and costumes

Most of the belly dance bras, sets and costumes sold on our website do not need to be adjusted:

Bras :
- The back of the bras is stretchable and endowed with many staple levels. You can however add an extender to enlarge the bra back size.
- The bra can be worn by different sizes, generally a size B and C, C and D, and E and F.
Skirts, belts sets :
- According to the design, the skirt waist is stretchable. 
- As for the belts sets, they are equipped with different levels of velcro fastening.

Tips : Short a few inches, don't hesitate to add a few pieces of fabric or use safety pins on the back, no one will notice!

Egyptian belly dance costumes

Some of the top -of –the- range belly dance costumes are manufactured in the pure Egyptian tradition.
They are handmade from the craft- trade. They need to be adjusted to each person's morphology :

1. Neck, back and in some designs, belly adjustment :
With your purchase, will send you a set of additional hooks to allow you to get a "tailor-made" belly dance costume. It's so easy!
2. Waist adjustment :
The rubber band on almost all skirts can be tightened in a matter of seconds for a perfect fit.
3. Bra Cup adjustment :
Each costume is designed in a way that fits two bra cup sizes, usually B+C cups and C+D cups.

Tips : However, everything is possible! You can directly choose a costume with your own cup size. You can also choose a design offered with a smaller cup for an "uplift" effect or a bigger cup while using pads. It is really true that Egyptians bras are particularly known to adapt to the breast sizes of most women.

Watch Laëtitia’s advice, our fashion designer to adjust easily your belly dance costumes to your size. 
Tops, skirts, trousers, bras and shoes
Check our sizing chart equivalent by country ( PDF)

Indian Sarees

Most of our sarees are sold traditionally that is as a square piece of fabric. You can position it yourself on one of our cholis sold in different colors, or sew it to suit your morphology.

Costumes care

Costumes and accessories 

Most of the belly dance, Indian costumes and accessories sold on shall not be cleaned in any way. Only “raw textiles” (in skirts and veils without sequins and glitters…) can be occasionally hand washed. Ironing will be only on the reverse side on a humidified towel at a low temperature.

Class outfits

Most training outfits (except bodies and other threaded tops) can be cleaned in a washing machine, using the delicate program, with no spin drying. However, in order to preserve the laces and color shine of the products, advises its clients to hand wash them.