The new French and international reference

Based in France (Alsace) and funded in 2011, BellydanceDiscount.com is the new French and global reference in Belly dance and Bollywood costumes and accessories purchases.

A range of more than 5000 items for belly dance and Bollywood enthusiasts

With a collection of more than 5000 trendy items, from belts, bras, course outfits, Baladi dresses, sarees, lehenga, cholis to Isis wings, jewellery, make-up, veil poi and other “Haute couture” costumes, BellydanceDiscount.com is for every Belly dance and Bollywood enthusiast whether you are a student, semi-professional or professional, as well as for schools, dance crews and associations.

In order to allow everyone to live this exceptional art to the fullest and without any constraints, BellydanceDiscount.com makes all dancers prettier, no matter their height, age, and budget, thanks to its amazingly varied catalogue and its exceptional items unearthed from all over the world.

Just compare… The prices applied by BellydanceDiscount.com are outstanding!

N°1 for your belly dance and Bollywood costumes

BellydanceDiscount.com is the leader in “all-in-one” Belly dance and Bollywood costumes and accessories at discount prices. Close to our customers, we apply loyalty discounts whole year long, referral promotions, special rates for groups, satisfied or refunded guarantee, shipment within 48 hours (and free for orders beyond 150 € ), and phone assistance. On BellydanceDiscount.com, find anything at the best rate possible and make purchases in all trust!

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BellydanceDiscount.com is part of the "B" Group which includes B'danceWorld.com as well, an international Second Hand dance costume.

You're the star !

For the love of Belly dance and Bollywood dance and because with BellydanceDiscount.com, YOU are the star! We often turn the spotlight on our customers through sponsoring, fashion shows or even contests.

Stop hesitating, live the philosophy of BellydanceDiscount.com!

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Key dates

- September, 15th 2011 : BellydanceDiscount.com is funded. Fully dedicated to Belly dance and adults, the website is immediately supported by French and international dancers for their end-of-year show costumes as well as training clothes. 
- September 2012 : BellydanceDiscount.com develops its range with numerous child costumes and accessories especially designed for them. The first Bollywood dance items appear on the website. The brand takes part for the first time in the Fashion City event, alongside large national brands, where a few loyal customers danced while displaying an insight of the new collection in front of 5000 people.
- September 2013 : BellydanceDiscount.com widens its catalogue to enable the dancers to shine beyond their costumes. Jewellery, make-up, cosmetics appear.
September 2014 : The website is entirely revamped. BellydanceDiscount.com develops its Bollywood range further offering a dense and varied collection for both adults and children. Customizing time and creativity also comes with a significant brand new haberdashery.
- January 2015 : BellydanceDiscount.com follows its international growth and goes to Switzerland for a first fashion show at the famous Casino Royal Basel, as part of a big oriental evening in partnership with ECN radio. 

- September 2016 : Mergers are placed in the spotlight! To vary your shows, find in our shop a range of original outfits dedicated to new emerging trends: oriental salsa, oriental cabaret, tahitian dance, oriental flamenco, tribal fusion... The blog is also entering the boutique! Discussing various and varied topics all related to Bellydance, it is full of information, tips, and good deals!
- January 2017 Our avant-garde boutique sells state-of-the-art accessories promoting a modern, changing, and sensational Oriental dance. Hoops, Isis wings, fans, skirts...  with LEDs and remote control are for sale to the Bellydancers and artists of the event and show businesses' delight.
- October 2018The site gets equipped with video function allowing our customers to discover some of the items for sale not only in picture but also in lively demonstration videos with more details.
January 2019 : BellydanceDiscount.com, a beautiful story to be continued…