Ceinture de danse orientale sur BellydanceDiscount.com

What belly dance belt, scarf or short skirt design to wear around your waist? 

There are various types of belts : 

- The famous traditional belly dance belt with coins. Whether they are golden or silver colored, the coins give shine to your outfit or costume. They accompany your moves and the music, with their typically oriental "Gling Gling". BellydanceDiscount.com offers traditional types of belts with coins for an incredible price of 4.40 € for adults and 3.90 € for children.

- The beaded belly dance belt. Very oriental belt as well, there is however more artwork and it is "handmade" most of the times. It sublimates your dance, making your sways classier.

- The novelty belly dance belt gives way to your creativity, as well as that of its producers. It allows varying styles in an original way. It is typical of modern oriental dancing. Multicolour beads or long frills can also be added.

- The belly dance scarf is a very oriental symbol, but it is also inspired from Andalusia’s traditions. It is more discreet and often less loaded than a classical belly dance belt. However, it is frequently offered with beautiful textiles that are sometimes decorated with complex designs.

- The belly dance short skirts recently came out. Very flowing or metallic fabric or with lace they immediately bring a feminine touch due to their shape. They match perfectly with a legging for example. No knot to make you can pull them on. As they don’t have coins they also are more discrete for the lessons. It’s the new fashion trend and a good alternative to the standard oriental dance belt.

- Light-up Bellydance belt with Leds. It is a classic Bellydance belt with sequins, but with integrated LEDs to surprise the spectators but also to be combined with a modern Oriental dance costume. It allows a successful union between tradition and innovation and interesting lighting effects to the rhythm of the dancer's hip movements.

The belt is definitely an essential accessory to practice this discipline. Whether you put it on a belly dance skirt, a dress or even belly dance trousers, you can vary styles as much as you want!

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