Belly dance costume BellydanceDiscount.comWhat belly dance costume to choose ? 

There are many different belly dance costumes: A wide variety of designs mostly created in an artisanal way in Egypt, one by one or within a small series or in Asia for a cheaper price by numerous stylists/designers. The wide variety is also due to the various existing types of oriental dancing.

- The belly dance costume "bra+ belt set": Made of a bra and an assorted belly dance belt. The set is adorned with rhinestones, spangles, sequins, pearls… it is worn with a belly dance skirt. Costing less than a complete belly dance costume, its stage impact is wonderful. Besides, it allows varying styles, as you can, of course, modify your skirt color in each of your performances, in order to have a brand new impact.

- The complete belly dance costume: It is difficult to list the items that compose a belly dance costume, because it is up to the dancer to create and decide. It can be made of only a bra and an assorted skirt, but can also include a belt, sleeves, a headband for the hair, a belly band… It could also be a dress. The belly dance costume beautifully exposes the dancer's body and takes you immediately to a world of dance and magic. Each dancer will choose her costume according to her own taste, but also to her style, morphology, skin color and of course her choreography.

- The belly dance costume for Baladi / Saïdi dance. It is a long, straight and more or less stretched dress with long sleeves. Colors, textiles, embroidery, and beadwork can indefinitely vary according to designs. A belt is often added as well as a cane.

- The Malaya oriental dance costume. It is a half-long, very feminine rather stretched dress. The dancer trifles with the Malaya veil that inevitably accompanies her while dancing.

And also... a belly dance costume for Fellahi dance: large and floral patterns reminding of the countryside and Khleedgee dance: large embroidered dress with sequins, tribal dance with its mystic elements… An appropriate dance style and costume for every one!

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