Belly dance skirt What belly dance skirt to choose ?

Various types of skirts are offered to belly dancers, according to their needs, wishes and budgets.

- The simple belly dance skirt: Its veiling is not doubled, which allows a truly beautiful transparency at every leg move. Often having a slot at the level of one leg, this skirt enhances femininity. It is also ideal for small budgets.

- The belly dance doubled skirt: Its veiling is doubled. It is often designed in a very fluid and "airy" textile, like muslin which magnifies dancing, especially when doing arabesques or swirling. Existing in one color, bicolor, or adorned with designs or spangles, it can be straight or with slots, or even "wavy" at the bottom.

- The short belly dance skirt: What about a change in your stage dressing and at very small price? Choose one of our short skirts decorated with sequin. They symbolize a more modern oriental dance with the advantage of showing the dance steps as well as legs moves.

- The satin-like belly dance skirt: a sumptuous piece of cloth, absolutely essential! A shimmering and silky fabric bringing grace and light to your costume. Undeniably the classy touch to any oriental dance costumes. Moreover, it matches perfectly with bras + belt sets.

- Light-up Bellydance skirts fitted with LEDs: It can be a classic long Bellydance skirt with LEDs or an ultra-modern short skirt to enable rupture and difference. Anyway, they will create a sensation, allow you to vary the shows, and surprise the spectators with an extraordinary rendering!

- The « Hybrids » oriental dance skirts: Adapted to any oriental dance costumes as well as hybrid dances. Discover Andalusian, tribal and Bollywood dresses to vary styles on shows and in your stage dressing room!

The skirt is the ultimate symbol of femininity. Along with the belly dance belt, the belly dance skirt is an essential accessory to practice this discipline. The belly dance skirt can be used for all belly dance lessons, as well as performances.

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