The belly dance Isis Wings

belly dance Isis Wings

What belly dance Isis Wings to choose ?

Belly dance Isis Wings are an accessory that will give more fullness to your moves and will allow you to realize the most impressing choreographies in front of your spectators.

Belly dance Isis Wings are made of wings that can be hung around the neck thank to a Velcro, as well as 2 wooden sticks inserted in the wings and to be held in each hand. Protective covers also allow to fold them and store them easily for a convenient transport.

There are as many Isis wings designs as there are different colors. The most used ones are golden or silver Isis Wings, which are of course easier to coordinate with the widest variety of belly dance costumes. However, navy blue and fuchsia Isis Wings are equally in demand. Finally, transparent and glittery Isis Wings although they are less mysterious, bring an additional dreamy touch and allow you to see the body movements and belly dance costumes.

Different shapes and materials

Belly dance Isis wings also exist in different shapes.

The most common is the “closed” one, that is, wings without an opening in the back. The moves adapted to this type of wings are usually more directed toward the front while somewhat dissimulating the oriental dance costume underneath. More recently, the “opening” Isis wings have appeared. They allow larger moves and fluidity.

Innovating ! Latest generation luminous Isis wings have just come out and well demanded by oriental dancers. They allow astonishing shows in the darkness. It’s an absolutely innovating accessory made of a fabric including fiber optics, which can be programmable as regards to colors and lighting effects using a remote control. It’s also a very thrifty accessory as it is an all- in-one item. Finally, this technology can be synchronized with other similar items for incredible and endless possibilities!

Whatever the color and material they use, Isis Wings always seduce with their originality and the beauty of the emblematic figures they are endowed with.

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