Belly dance veil

What belly dance veil to choose ? 

The belly dance veil is by far the most popular oriental dance accessory, and it is a way far ahead the cane, or even Isis Wings. It is quickly accessible to beginners.

The veil is mostly designed in a very airy textile, such as muslin, organza or silk. It can be of a unified color, multicolour or provided with glitters. The belly dance veil can be either rectangular, or circular (half-moon), transparent or opaque; it can be used either alone or with another veil (the double veil technique).

Its’ affordable price allows multiplying designs and colors. Thus, part of varied elegant choreographies reinforcing the dancers’ femininity while adding a mysterious touch of mystery and sensuality.

Today there is also a luminous Bellydance veil fitted with LEDs. This latest generation accessory reinforces even more the unconditional beauty of the veil choreographies created and performed by the dancer. The design and perfectly calibrated technical combination of the luminous Bellydance veil combining thin LEDs with real silk ensure lightness, flexibility, and ease of action.

The belly dance veil can accompany a belly dance costume of the same color. One can also use a veil of a completely different color that is not present on the costume, provided that both colors match well.

In other words, veils are both emblematic and necessary accessories in a dancer’s panoply.

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