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The belly dance costume is a noble and thoroughly designed outfit or different piece of cloths combined together. This is why it is a prerequisite for it to be handmade, no matter where it comes from.

A belly dance costume comprises special textiles, which are shiny, satin-like, reflective and catching the light to make the dancer shimmer during dance shows. These textiles are then adorned with strass, glitters, embroidery, beads and sequins. Even if a design can be reproduced, each belly dance costume is in the end unique because there will always be differences, as a result of a truly artisanal product. Further differences arise from the dancers’ creativity as they often customize the costume according to their personal taste as well as choreography need using the numerous glitters, strass, beads etc.

Indeed, even if a dancer does not realize at the very beginning what the differences are between two belly dance costumes of the same design, the beads, embroidery, strass, shiny effect and couture can vary from one costume to another. It is this authentic and “exclusive” side of each belly dance costume that renders it unique, which in turn made it complicated for each dancer to find a cheap belly dance costume.

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