Belly dance outfit/ BellydanceDiscount.comMy belly dance outfit : Multiple possibilities ! 

Belly dancing is a discipline so varied, that there are no « typical » belly dance outfits, but rather dress codes according to the dance style and context. 

As such, one shall distinguish between :
- The belly dance outfit for classes and workshops
- The belly dance outfit for gala parties and group choreographies
- The belly dance outfit for solo presentations (in case of a professional dancer, for instance).


During classes, convenience, fluidity and well-being are a must. An appropriate belly dance outfit can be made of a top and assorted pants that are designed in a light and stretched material, or even of a small top, along with a skirt and a belt. The dancer shines less than with a full belly dance costume but it still allows her to be « trendy », thanks to new sets that are designed for classes and workshops and that are imagined by textile providers. The most creative and fashion addict oriental dancers will like customizing their outfit with sophistication thanks to our oriental haberdashery adding for example a small brooch or a few strass. Thus, they will differentiate themselves from the other dancers and feel even more feminine.


During end of the year gala festivities, the dancers’ belly dance outfit will be as much as possible the same for all. With the same design and more or less the same colors, it is all about harmonizing the belly dance outfits worn by each dancer for a more harmonious group effect on stage. As such, an appropriate belly dance outfit will be rather made of a top or a bra, accompanied with a belt and its assorted skirt. It is a formula that allows to shine on stage at a lesser cost, satisfying many dancers as well as having the possibility of indefinitely multiplying the combinations with different skirts, tops, belts and colors.

Solo performance 

During solo performances, the dancer will truly choose her dream costume according to her tastes, skin color, morphology and choreography. The appropriate belly dance outfit can be made of a full belly dance costume, made up of a bra, a skirt, but also a headband and sleeves. It can also be a belly dance costume from our “basics” range and designed to be personalized by the dancer to have a unique outfit adapted to the theme of the dance. It can also be a belly dance dress. The dancer chooses the costume in which she will feel sparkling and at ease to fully seduce and impress the public for which she dances with her elegance! 

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