Fashion City 2013

For the Fashion City 2012, a sample of 2012-2013 new belly dance costumes and accessories collection was presented by 6 clients and dancers of all ages and levels. This event took place in front of 4000 people at “Palais des Sports” (Sports’ Arena) in Mulhouse, France and gathered ready-to-wear’s most influential brands and young fashion designers.

For this event, they prepared a choreographed fashion show displaying different BellydanceDiscount costumes from our “Mini Price”, “Soft Price”, “Haute Couture” and “Children” ranges along with a practice suit which, like other practice suits proposed on our website, would be perfect for many belly dance shows.

The fashion show ended in an amazing and magical grand finale mixing veil poi, sticks, fans, veils and Isis wings. Congratulations to our clients and belly dancers who enchanted the audience with their smile and performance, perfectly showcasing our new collection and brand identity.

If you are interested in taking part in this type of event organised by, please feel free to send us an email using the “Contact” section, explaining your motivation and describing your dance history. All levels are welcome to join us.