About us

BellydanceDiscount.com is the new English and european reference to buy belly dance costumes and accessories. Thanks to a collection of more than 600 designs, starting with class outfits, all the way to Malaya Luffs, Isis wings and other “Haute-couture” costumes, BellydanceDiscount.com is designed for all the people who are passionate about oriental dancing, whether they are students, semi-professionals or professionals.

In order to allow each person to live this exceptional art to the full and without any constraints, BellydanceDiscount.com makes all dancers prettier, no matter what their budget is, thanks to three costume collections extremely fashionable, but definitely cheaper : the “Mini price”, “Soft price” and “Haute-couture” costumes. Just compare… The rates applied by BellydanceDiscount.com are outstanding !

BellydanceDiscount.com, the only « all in one » website to sell belly dance costumes and accessories at discounted prices, also wants to be close to its customers : fidelity advantages all year long, a satisfied or reimbursed guarantee, delivery within 48 hours and phone information services. At BellydanceDiscount.com, I find everything at the best price and buy peacefully ! 

For the love of oriental dance and because at BellydanceDiscount.com, the star… is you ! BellydanceDiscount.com regularly and exclusively suggests, on its main page, video portraits of its customers, bands and teachers who give life on a daily basis to oriental dancing, but also competition games that allow you to win your dream costume.

Stop hesitating, live the philosophy of BellydanceDiscount.com !