Our outfits for dance classes of BellydanceDiscount.com

Because all dancers and especially belly dancers love to feel beautiful and good in all circumstances, in the scene as well as during classes, BellydanceDiscount.com offers a wide range of "fashionable" and comfortable class outfits.

Our coordinated sets

BellydanceDiscount.com offers a wide range of complete outfits for classes.
Therefore, we sell sets in a multitude of colors, in many styles and for all morphologies. Our complete outfits are declined in a coordinated top and pants set or a top and skirt set.

Discover our pants, tops and belts for classes

You just want pants or only a top? Or maybe you prefer to create your own unique set by combining the top and pants of your choice?
Discover all our dance tops for classes. There is always something for everyone and always at discount prices! Tops with sleeves, bare backs, bras, you will always find the model of your dreams!

Do you need new pants that magnify your movements and in which you feel comfortable? Discover all our items and in particular our:
• Tight pants with flared bottom
• Wide pants
• Leggings

Don't forget our fluid and silent belly dance belts especially valued for studious dance lessons.

BellydanceDiscount.com also proposes to complement your class outfit with a brooch. 
This one will match with your class outfit and with your costumes. They are available in several colors and shapes, and certainly enhance all your belly dance outfits for a small price. 

In conclusion, find everything you need to feel your best during your belly dance classes with BellydanceDiscount.com.