Indian Dance Costumes and Accessories on is not only known for its belly dance clothing - it also offers costumes’ fusion between Bollywood and belly dance. Thus, the online shop sells Indian dance accessories and outfits that will allow you to vary your look and your performances.

Different Costume Choices for Indian Dance

Our shop offers various combinations so that you can create your own Indian and Bollywood dance outfit.
To begin, our Bollywood-style skirts are available in colours and patterns that remind us of dancers in Indian movies. The skirts are sold at discount prices and offer optimal comfort to easily perform during your shows.

Our Indian dance tops are very "girly", with decorations inspired from India... and always at very affordable prices. They are ideal as well for dance classes as for public performances.

Our Indian dance veils are the perfect accessories to enhance your dance outfits while remaining faithful to the traditional look. They are available in several colours so that you can match them as closely as possible to your outfits. You can wear them on your head or over the shoulder like Indian-style on your bust. Invitation to a guaranteed journey!

And of course, our online shop sells Saris. This traditional garment worn by Indian women will give your dance this extra touch.

Surround Yourself with the Scents of India on! invites you to discover the art of Indian living. Immerse yourself in the scents of India with our collection of incenses and scented candles. Enjoy our typically Indian mirrors for women! offers you many other surprises both fashionable and affordable that will delight all belly dancers and Indian dancers!