Oriental beauty products BellydanceDiscount.com

To assist with the everyday life of belly dancers and in search of their well-being, BellydanceDiscount.com has selected some traditional oriental beauty and care products.


BellydanceDiscount.com offers homemade soaps from Morocco, very much appreciated by oriental women in their everyday life, and in different scents:
• Green clay
• Poppy
• Argan
• Poppy red
• Black soap
• Ghassoul

Beauty waters and oils

Our store also sells traditional argan oil, orange flower water and rose water.
Their soothing and beautifying virtues are recognized in Middle Eastern countries, try them… you will be captivated and won over!

Scrubbing products

BellydanceDiscount.com has selected some very effective traditional oriental scrubs, in various scents:
• Poppy red
• Lavender
• Argan oil
• Pink extract
• Aloe Vera
• Blue algae

Also opt for our scrubbing glove that allows a deep cleaning in accordance with tradition!

Alum stones and henna

The Alum stone is an essential item of health and beauty for all women. Its antiperspirant, astringent and antiseptic properties are medically recognized.

For those who want to decorate their oriental dance costume with a henna tattoo, BellydanceDiscount.com has selected some traditional henna that is very easy to apply.

With the beauty products at BellydanceDiscount.com, be the most beautiful of all the dancers!