oriental dance and stage jewellery available on BellydanceDiscount.comWearing jewelry that matches your dance costume will add to your performance. But what jewelry should you choose and for what purpose? BellydanceDiscount.com provides guidance and advice. 

Play with the light and diamante

Diamante jewelry uses the light for effect and will make you sparkle during your performances. Whether you look for a necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings or even a whole set of jewelry, our diamante jewelry is very affordable.  Our diamante jewelry goes perfectly with most oriental dance outfits and costumes. 

Jewelry to suit your bellydance outfit

Coordinating the colours in a costume with jewelry enhances an outfit without overwhelming it. They will transform you into a true Arabian Nights princess. 

Use jewelry to enhance your bellydance movements

Wearing an ankle chain or even a waist or belly chain shows off and enhances the dancer's movements and certain parts of her body.  

Iconic oriental facial adornments

Dancers often wear rather classic items of jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces. However, wearing jewellery on the head, forehead or in the hair creates an original look while retaining a completely oriental demeanour. 

Be original and wear your jewelry creatively

Jewelry may sometimes be used in a different way than intended. For example an item of forehead jewelry can make a wonderful necklace and look very trendy. Give free rein to your imagination!

Be confident in yourself

Our last and certainly most important piece of advice is to always dress to please yourself and follow your inspiration to find a look that suits you the best and enables you to look most beautiful in your oriental dance costume!