BellydanceDiscount.com lets you discover a few outfits that can be seen in Bollywood films.

The Shalwar kameez

The Shalwar kameez is a piece of traditional clothing from South Asia, mainly for women.  This Indian outfit, which can be more or less luxurious, depending on its use, is a perfect alternative to the Sari.  It is made up of two sections:

- Trousers, which are called Shalwar, wide around the waist then tightened around the ankles.
- A tunic named Kameez, which is a shirt with a straight cut made from various materials, coloured and garnished with patterns.

The choli

The choli is a high-end outfit for women.This item of traditional Indian clothing leaves the stomach exposed, and therefore has been "unpopular" for a long time.

The choli generally is made from the same material and the same colour as the Sari, or the skirt that comes with it, even though today, the trend is to separate the colours.  
The material can differ, depending on its use, 
so cotton is used for daily life, whereas luxurious materials such as silk, are used for celebrations.

The lehenga

The lehenga is a long skirt, worn in certain regions in India.  For weddings, it is richly embroidered.

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