Sale or rental

I want to buy

Simply add to your shopping cart the desired costume without worrying about the rental terms presented below.

The displayed price is a preferential second-hand price, it takes into account the prior use of the costume by our clients via rental. In any case, whether purchased or rented, the costume is delivered to you in perfect condition.

I want to rent

Costume rental is an option only possible for metropolitan France. offers to rent a costume for a period of:

• 7 calendar days starting at the delivery of the goods at the rate of 1/3 of the retail price


• 14 calendar days starting at the delivery of the goods at the rate of 2/3 of the retail price

After 14 days, the 3/3 so the total costume price is billed to you and you become the owner of the costume.

Regardless the duration of the rental, the total cost of the costume is invoiced to you as a deposit when you order. After receiving your costume back in time and in perfect condition we proceed to your refund:

• 2/3 of the retail price if you kept the costume up to 7 days


• 1/3 of the retail price if you kept the costume up to 14 days


• 0/3  if you kept the costume more than 14 days. You own it then.

Decide how long you want to enjoy the costume and benefit from a real flexibility according to your needs and desires while saving money!


1/ March

2 / March 7th: Rent a suit at the retail price of 60 €. I am charged 60 €

3/ March 10th*: Delivery of the costume

4/ By Match 17th *: Return the costume to for a refund of 40€** (2/3 of the retail price). The 7-day rental cost 20 €.

5/ or

6/ By March 24 *: Return the costume to for a refund of 20 €** (1/3 of the retail price). The 14-day rental cost 40 €.

7/ Starting March 25th*:  If I send the costume back, I will not be reimbursed so I may as well keep it !

8/ * As per postmark ** If the costume is sent back in perfect condition

9/ April

For any dispute related to the return dates of goods to claim a refund of part of the retail price, we check the date as attested to by postmark.

Penalties for reimbursement can be applied at the discretion of our After Sales Service in case of deterioration of the costume (stains, tears ...).

 No cleaning costs related to the use of the costume is to be expected (except specific stains made by the user), we take care of everything!

Prior rental bookings are not possible. If an item is already rented at the time you want it,  you can send a message to our customer service department to know the estimated return date.

The return of the goods is at your expense and must be exclusively carried out using Colissimo with signature upon receipt to the address below:
30 allée des noisetiers
68800 Thann

Important :

Since the rental system is implemented jointly with the purchase option in metropolitan France, orders to metropolitan France will not be refunded in full if they are returned to us within 14 days of purchase. The refund applied will be the one of the rental scale presented above.