By order

Unlike other store items in stock in our warehouses and ready to be shipped immediately, custom-made suits are only made on demand, this requires a waiting period and they cannot be exchanged or refunded.

The waiting period is approximately 3 weeks. This period includes the costume manufacturing, customs clearance, and the routing to our warehouses for quality control. So many steps which cannot be reduced and can change, independently of our will, this delay of 3 weeks.
Then it will be necessary to add the delivery time from France to the address of our customers according to the method of delivery previously chosen at the time of order and presented here.

We recommend this "by order" formula to our customers who are flexible with the use of their order. Therefore we advise against this type of purchase in case of tight deadline and direct the concerned customers to our items immediately in stock.

Any delay at any step of preparation of your order will be communicated but will not lead to a financial compensation.

The order is commissioned for manufacturing only after full online payment on our shop.