Belly dance pants BellydanceDiscount.comWhat belly dance pants to choose ? 

Until now, only the pants that were typically oriental and adorned with glitters, sequins and satin-like were deemed trendy and used both in classes and during shows. This pants most of the time large or baggy feel nice and bring a slightly more masculine touch than the standard skirt. They are also very adapted to styles mixing notably in hybrid tribal ones or for Bollywood choreographies.

Nowadays, new flowing lace designs that are specialized for both classes and shows are being more and more appreciated. Indeed, these pants are both convenient and aesthetic. First, convenient because they are made of a textile that is very elastic and pleasant to wear and comfortable enough for learning. Second, aesthetic because they perfectly embrace each of the dancer’s shapes while being made of lace and enhance movements. They can replace training suits and other Bermuda shorts that were until now often used in classes. Furthermore, they also allow the dancer to feel pretty and feminine all year long as well as more unique during shows. Truly approved by the dancers, they can be found more often on galas stages combined with glittering bras. Investing slightly more for a piece of cloth usable anytime all year long.

The belly dance pants are evolving and becoming more and more seductive. They are becoming a much demanded fashion piece of cloth just as the belly dance skirt.

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