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Here is a presentation by of some famous belly dancers.

Belly dancers: The pioneers

Three dancers are going to allow for the development of Sharqui belly dancingSamia Gamal, Tahia Carioca and Neima Akef.

Neima Akef (1932-1966) comes from a circus background where she produced her first artistic performances, but like the two dancers presented below, she was also an actor. It was in the film Tmr Henn that she produced her finest performance. She also joined the company Layl ya Ay.
Samia Gamal (1924-1994) started dancing at a very early age in cabarets where the Sharqui style was born. She worked there with Tahia Carioca. Samia Gamal went on to introduce some important elements and features to the Sharqui style such as, for example, the use of the veil or the inspiration of classical dance. Her talent was recognised to such an extent that King Farouk named her "national dancer of Egypt". She has enjoyed an international film career and has notably performed with Fernandel in "Ali Baba and the forty thieves".
Tahia Carioca (1919-1999) fled her family to come and dance in Cairo at the age of 14. Very soon after, she joined Casino Opera where she became a star thanks to the introduction of the Samba step (called at the time Carioca which inspired her nickname). In 1936, she performed in "The Woman and the Puppet" which made her a film star, meaning that she went on to perform and dance in more than 120 films.

The great dancers in the Middle East

Dina Talaat is, according to Newsweek, the greatest belly dancer who is still alive. After having studied philosophy in 1970, she danced in a company then quickly became a solo dancer. Her talent allowed her to dance all over the world, such as in Monte Carlo.

Didem is also one of the most recognised dancers of the new generation on an international scale. She is Turkish, but of Romany origin. She became known thanks to the live broadcasting of some of her performances on Turkish television.

The famous belly dancers in France

Djamila Henni-Chebra is a French dancer and belly dancing teacher who discovered belly dancing in the 1970s. She went on to educate and teach herself in Egypt with famous masters such as Ibrahim Akif, whilst also educating and teaching herself how to do other dances. In order to popularise her art, she created the "Arabesque Dance" company in 1986. Having then became the Djamila Henni-Chebra company, it performed all over the world.
Rajaa Dussart is a Moroccan dancer living in France. She has performed in shows all over the world. She has mainly attended the classes of Momo Kadous.
But, according to, you are the best dancer of them all !