customiser-costume-danse.jpg gives little tips to all those who want to customize their costume to their taste and choreography.

Draw your project

The first step for customizing your costume is to make a sketch. This step is essential to have a first idea of your possible creation and then allowing you to look for the necessary materials (fabrics, pearls, rhinestone, etc.) and the appropriate manufacturing method (type of stitches, etc.).

Strengthen the sewing of the beads

Most belly dance costumes contain many beads. Often, when you sew the beads yourself, they don't hold on the costume too well. To counter this, do not hesitate to use a double thread in order to strengthen the stitching. Moreover, do not forget to do the stitches on the back to make them invisible on your costume.

Adapt the customization of your costume according to the chosen fabric

The use of rhinestone or even beads, sequins and patches must be adapted to your costume's fabric. Therefore, a fabric that already shines, for example, will reduce the need for rhinestones. The flexibility, volatility, elasticity and even the style of the fabric will also be more or less favourable to the use of rhinestone to sew or heat, beads, sequins and rhinestone chains. It's up to you to find the best combination!

Why don't you customize your belly dance accessories too?

Do not hesitate to add coins, beads or rhinestones to your accessories such as veil, fans and why not Isis wings. This will help you to differentiate yourself and surprise your spectators!

For large areas of fabric to customize…

For large areas of fabric to customize, opt for large beads or rhinestones to facilitate your sewing and make it more economical.

Watch our fashion designer's tips, Laëtitia, to customize your costumes: