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The bharata natyam 

Bharata natyam is an Indian martial art dance. Long banned in the English colonies, it became popular only in the early twentieth century. A highly codified dance, it is taught mainly to girls but also some men from early childhood.


The Odissi is a dance that symbolises the Indian patriotism of the early twentieth century inspiring dance scenes represented in the temples. It is a dance that works the entire body while highlighting the emotions as it often accompanied by stories of love.

The Kuchipudi

The Kuchipudi dance has long been reserved for the Brahmins. It is now open to all, even to women. It is renowned for its fluidity and is based on the rhythmic expressions of the dancer. Very complex, it takes an average of seven years to master.

The Mohiniyattam

The Mohiniyattam means "dance of bewitchment." This dance tells two events in the Hindu mythology. The first one is where Vishnu took the form of Mohini to retrieve the nectar of immortality from the gods, stolen by demons called asuras. The second one is when Vishnu becomes Mohini to bewitch Bhasmasura and thus release Shiva.

In this dance, the delicacy and range of motion are paramount, but the most important thing is the movement of the eye, because the dancer must bewitch the demons.

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