Oriental dancers‘ Top 5 favorites accessories

Discover the list of dancers’ most appreciated Oriental dance accessories through the opinion of several users.

1/ The Bellydance veil

The veil is the classic accessory of the Oriental dancer. The reason: its lightness, its volatile side but also the weight of traditions and the ancestral image it’s carried for years with the oriental dancer’s image. This accessory is immediately assimilated to the Bellydancer.
The veil is an accessory with multiple possibilities because it allows many figures. It can be handled in a gentle, lively, rhythmic, and jerky way. With it you can hide a bellydance costume and then reveal it, especially by using transparency. Its use is open to everyone, even beginners.
We distinguish the Bellydance veil in polyester (artificial silk) and the one in pure silk, incredibly fluid and airy. There are also the rectangular veils and circular veils (also called half-moon) depending on the visual effect wanted during choreographies.
Available in all colors, you can easily match it to a costume or have a splendid mix of colors in group choreographies.

"I like to dance with the veil because it is an accessory synonym of bewitchment, enchantment which makes the audience travel. It is also an accessory that strengthens femininity in dance. You can’t get tired of it! " Julie, 28, intermediate level Oriental dancer.

2/ The Bellydance fans

This Asian accessory recently introduced in oriental dance has been voted by Oriental dancers who love it. Used mainly in pairs but also individually, they lead to captivating and surprising choreographies. Various manipulations allow dance effects with more or less character and liveliness.
The fans are most often made in bamboo with a specific fan for the right hand and another specific one for the left hand. Silk (artificial or pure), usually 150 cm long, is attached to the frame. There are also multiple colors available but especially the colors’ scales that appeal to dancers because they reinforce the visual rendering of this unusual accessory. For convenience, they are stored in transport and protection bags especially designed for them.
Make sure to choose oriental dance fan veil with hems on each side to prevent your accessory from fraying and deteriorating quickly.

"The fans require training but their rendering is unique and incomparable! For solo or group choreographies, they’re always a hit. I especially like the way they can add color and peps to my dance." Marie, 39, intermediate level Oriental dancer.

3/ Bellydance Isis wings

Somehow it is the sensational Oriental dance accessory because of its size and the surprise it creates when the wings are opened.
The Isis wings are attached to the neck using Velcro and can be manipulated using sticks found at each tip.
While the golden Isis wings and silver Isis wings had the monopoly, many opaque and transparent colors came to complete the collection thus offering a wide choice to the dancers. But more recently, the luminous Isis wings with LEDs have revolutionized the market and given birth to even more surprising and magical choreographies.
Isis wings must be folded carefully after each use to keep the rendering. A protective cover is recommended and saves space.
There are open and closed Isis wings. Their rendering is quite the same except that the opening at the back of the open Isis wings gives a glimpse of the costume worn under, and gives more scope to the movements.

"I'm a huge fan of Isis' wings, every time there’s the" Wahoouuuu "effect! for the audience and myself, it's a real pleasure to dance with them. And when they are with LEDs, it is even more impressive and there are endless plays of lights which sublimate the choreographies." Esther, beginner lever Oriental dancer, 19 years old.

4/ The Bellydance cane/ stick

It’s the traditional accessory in Bellydancing. With the cane, you dive into the Egyptian folk Oriental dances’ atmosphere! Oriental dancers appreciate the cultural authenticity and richness of this accessory but often find it less feminine and enchanting than the others, hence this 4th place in the ranking.

"I really like the Bellydance cane, it is an accessory with character and rather easy to handle. Its effect is increased tenfold during group choreographies which give it even more power especially when you hit the ground with it. I also like the traditional and very specific dresses we wear during the Baladi and Saïdi choreographies." Bénédicte, advanced level Oriental dancer, 42 years old.

5/ The Oriental dance melaya – The Bellydance poï veil

These 2 accessories, less known and used by dancers are tied in our ranking.
The Oriental dance melaya is a large black veil often decorated with glittery coins in which the dancer wraps herself and plays to cover and uncover herself. It is often worn when the dancer wears an Alexandrian dress.
The Bellydance poï veil is the association of a small veil, and a ball to which a long string and strap are attached. While moving, you can hardly see the thread and strap, which looks like the dancer moves the veil “magically”.

“These 2 accessories each have a very different style. I like using them in my shows because I think it is important to show my audience the diversity of Oriental dance. So the more accessories and set designs there are, the more I like it!" Elodie, advanced level Oriental dancer, 22 years old.

Other specific accessories such as the Bellydance candelabra (also known as shamadan), saber, luminous hoop… complete this list.

Do not hesitate to test and familiarize yourself with these accessories full of originality which only ask to amuse and entertain your audience.

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