4 essential movements to master in Oriental dance

In Bellydance, there is really no specific lexicon of this discipline’s steps and movements. Several Bellydance teachers can therefore call the same movement differently and in this case, it’s difficult to get it! BellydanceDiscount.com has selected 4 well-known basic movements at the origin of Oriental dance, essential for a Bellydancer to know and master.

1/ The figure of 8

It is a rather languorous movement characterized by a rotation of the pelvis that can be done two different ways: to the right then to the left (and vice versa) or from the inside to the outside (and vice versa) and this, without stopping, so as to draw with the hips a horizontal or vertical 8. The mistake to avoid is to move your buttocks or entire body; it is important to isolate the pelvis and hips to create this movement. Depending on the desired look or musical rhythms, this can be done slowly or quickly. To practice this movement, we invite you to be full face in order to well visualize the 8 to realize and draw it well. Do not hesitate at first to break it down and perform it in a fragmented way and then gradually realize it with more fluidity until you have perfectly mastered it.

2/ Shakes also called shymmies or vibrations

As its name suggests, it is a matter of shaking or vibrating with more or less intensity one or several part of the body (bust, pelvis, shoulders...). It is a typical movement of the Oriental dance that often requires long hours of training before being mastered to perfection. To succeed, you have to let go and relax all your muscles.

3/ Camel move

It's about making a wave with the body starting from the knees, going through the belly first, then the pelvis and the bust, to finally reach the shoulders. The camel move must be felt, do not hesitate to work in front of a mirror and to decompose each posture so as to be able to connect them in the right order. It is a complex Bellydance movement that requires coordination and flexibility. Train well before performing it in front of an audience because performed with grace, it is very elegant but on the contrary, can become vulgar if done poorly.

4/ Pelvis’ emphasis

A pelvis’ emphasis is lifting one hip up and then down (and vice versa) with some energy. This movement, which is one of the most basic moves in oriental dance, can be done in an isolated or repetitive way. It allows marking the rhythms or contrasts with the music.

If you don’t know these 4 bellydance movements, please practice them through our explanations provided in this article as well as videos of demonstrations available on Internet because they will inevitably be found in one of your next choreographies. You’re on!

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