Portrait of Flora, a spontaneous and cheerful oriental dancer

How was your love for Bellydance born?

I was about 8-9 years old and quite simply, during a year-end show, there was a performance with different dances including oriental dance. I asked my mother to sign me up and 20 years later, Bellydance is still part of my life…
I believe that nothing is a coincidence and that deep down it was already a choice for the rest of my live.
What I particularly like in oriental dance is that it has certain codes but that for the most part, it is a fairly free dance where we can fully express our body and emotion. What also appeals to me, of course, is the fact that I can express my femininity and everything it represents. On the technical side, I like that you can constantly discover and explore your body, in physical sensations as well as and visual ones.
And of course the music! Oriental music is so rich, really! It makes me quiver and puts me in a trance!

What are the key moments in your career as a Bellydance teacher and dancer?

I have had so many! But I would say that it was rather a slap concerning my career as a teacher. A positive slap.
I started teaching oriental dance at the age of 16 accompanied by a dancer friend who was 24 at the time. My teacher had to move away for 1 year but finally she stopped dancing and then my friend started a new life elsewhere. So I found myself teaching alone with my crippling shyness in front of these women. It was very difficult for me but I didn't want to give up. Then, a little bit later, when I started to understand what a Woman was, it was then that my goals as a teacher took precedence over my life. It was my calling!
The key moment in my oriental dance career was no later than last year! To know who I am in depth, love what I am in depth and understand my body in depth... It’s a lot of depth, isn’t it?! Lol. But just enough to make me a complete Woman and in harmony with herself.
I understand why I dance, I know the physical and muscular abilities of my body to carry out different techniques, I understand my axis and my balance, both physically and psychologically. All of this makes a difference when you are a bellydancer! You become ready to grow and really hand down your art.

A video shows you offering a superb oriental dance choreography on Mozart, where did this "crazy idea" come from?

Ah ! Mozart...
In fact, I love classical music and it inspires movement. The idea did not occur to me, it was my body that wanted to express itself on what it felt at that time.
But talking about Mozart... I have a big project about this but it’s a secret for now!

What can we find in your Bellydance walk-in wardrobe?

Dance leggings, crop tops, oriental dance beltswaist chains and jewelry. This is in my real walk-in closet.
But in my basement... it’s Ali Baba’s cave! You can find Bellydance canes, veils, melayas, finger cymbals, tambourines, Bellydance costumes for groups, Khaleejy dresses, Saidi dresses, Melaya dresses, PA amplifiers and oriental decorations for events.

You recently shared on social networks a great successful challenge, the one of losing 15 kg and accepting yourself. What was your story and what would you like to tell all the women who live this situation or have other complexes?

A story which started with my Love for food. I love eating as much as I love dancing and breathing. I feel like my stomach is so large that it can fill up endlessly. This is Love, right? Joking apart, the Love of my body at the time was nonexistent!
My only engine was my will. Nothing more.
I wanted to lose that belly I didn't like so I practiced sports and stopped snacking endlessly between meals and at any time. Eating is a real addiction.
I never skipped a meal, at the table I ate as much as I wanted but I just stopped everything else. 
But sport is the basis! Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is another.
You have to be strong-willed every day of your life. No matter what goal you have, you have to get up with the idea in mind to achieve it.
Later on, it is almost a habit and it becomes lighter. And in the head too.

What I have to tell Women... Get up every day with a motivation that you should never let go because you alone have the power over your decisions to do something or not.
I would advise all Women to look at themselves in the mirror, even if it is difficult.
But we must stop closing our eyes to reality. If you’re not pleased with yourself, look at yourself and take decisions. Do not forget who you are, what you see in the mirror is the essence of beauty.
Learn to deal with it, no matter how long it will take. Being hard on yourself, you know how to do it I think, so use this rage to rise. Gentleness will come after.

We also know that you are a talented cook, what are your specialties and what does this activity bring you?

First of all, what it brings me is the satisfaction of a full stomach and satisfied taste buds.
I only cook for people I love or enjoy being with. In my eyes, it represents a kind of Love
Here is what cooking brings me: Love and Flavors!
Otherwise, I like to cook everything but I have a weakness for Mediterranean cuisine.

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