So, I'm an oriental dancer

The life of an oriental dancer is full of surprises and originality! Here are some peculiarities that make us smile and in which many of you will see themselves...

I carry and handle « weird » objects

Never without my cane for bellydance, chandelier or Isis wings ! If your passion for belly dancing is overflowing, it can also be invasive... When it comes to storing all the material at home or transporting it in your trunk or public transport for classes, the gala or performances, it is not that we regret this passion but hey! Why, in the end, are we not interested in marbles or chess rather than in Bellydance, it will be in some cases a little easier... Besides a glittery cane or saber sticking out of the purse in the subway, could almost worry other passengers...

I do not do “normally” some everyday things

Yes, now that I'm an oriental dancer, brushing my teeth, waiting for the bus and doing housework have a double interest: I go about my daily activities and at the same time I train, tone up because I take advantage of all these little minutes to also do shimmies, body waves. We advise, however, to warn your entourage because brushing your teeth while making the camel moves, when you are not warned, may surprise others...

Wherever I go, it sparkles

Fan of glitter and strass, it’s simple, they follow me everywhere… Whether they come from my bellydance costumes, accessories, hair, or my make-up, I scatter them a lit bit everywhere: in my bed, my car, and also my closet, but also in my wallet and fridge... Anyone can beat that?

I spend time explaining and arguing

This is a little less fun... but it's true that as soon as I say that I Bellydance... I always tend to present arguments for the big doubtful eyes widening as I speak. So I repeat, "Yes, I'm an oriental dancer and not a stripper...", "Yes, I'm an oriental dancer and no it's not a trivial dance, it's an art requiring real education..." Blablabla... One day, we hope minds will change...

I speak a different language

« Doum doum tak », « Shimmys », « Baladi », « Sharqui », « Oum Kalthoum »… For some it's like Chinese but I know exactly what these mean. Oriental dance has its own vocabulary and history. Knowing and mastering these are a real added value because it allows, among other things, to give meaning to your dances.

I quadrupled the number of my girlfriends

Between my bellydance classmates, workshop girlfriends, festival girlfriends, virtual passionates and bellydancers from around the world with whom I discuss on social networks, one makes very quickly and easily many meetings in this essentially female domain on all subjects related to Bellydance: technique, history of bellydance, costumes, accessories, performance of great dancers...

So, I'm an oriental dancer, I love it and am proud of it!

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