The moods of a dancer

Being a dancer is not only about performing a choreography... Being a dancer means also to face multiple emotions which overwhelm us at different periods of our dance path whether we are a beginner, confirmed or professional... and in different contexts (lessons, backstage, onstage...). Emotions which get mixed up, change and influence our dances.


Being passionate about dance is to have an intense enthusiasm, out of the ordinary for this activity. It is to be glad to go dancing, to watch one dance, to have the desire to learn, to gather information. We keep asking for more and more. A passion that can sometimes lead to madness: hours of training too important having a negative impact on the body, an overflowing budget allocated to training or dance costumes... but which brings so much happiness that we dedicate it everything... or almost !


Being a dancer, it is to face obstacles like for example not being able to execute dance steps or sequences, not progressing as fast as one would like, not having the physical abilities that one would like, not being able to allocate as much time or budget to one's passion as one would like. The solution is not to compare oneself to others and always give the maximum of your possibilities so as not to have regrets. Being a dancer also means managing the lack of recognition: sometimes working hundreds of hours for a performance of a few minutes, without anyone realizing the effort and precision that it required.


Being a dancer is to overcome your fears when some choreographic steps or the handling of some dance accessories (Isis wings, bellydance cane, fans, poï veil, bellydance veil, bellydance candelabra, hoop…) can be risky but above all, and most often, before a casting or when going onstage. Stage fright has an effect and can then paralyze the dancer even affecting the quality of her dance performance. By preparing at best her choreography, being self-confident and trying to be positive, the dancer will try to control and hide her nerves so as not to show anything to her audience.


Being a dancer is to be proud of what one does in class or onstage, happy to realize and present one's work whether it is only focused on the dance performance or the result of a global choreographic project (dance + costume + staging) and then come out of it satisfied and valued.


Finally, a dancer feels a huge well-being when the dance steps tread upon the ground, when one’s body and mind are inhabited by music. It is feeling free in your moves and head. It is sharing with the other dancers and the audience rich moments of happiness which make us feel good.

So many contradictory and complementary emotions punctuating on a different level the dancer lying dormant in us... and which makes us vibrate!

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