The benefits of Oriental Dance – 6 reasons to start or continue !

Benefits on health, benefits on the morale, the oriental dance has several properties for the body and the mind.

1/ Bellydance develops my muscles and acts on the suppleness of my body!

It is in fact the choreographies peculiar to this dance that allow this. Focused on muscular contraction and the isolation of the different parts of the body, they really develop all muscles and especially those located around the bust (arm - shoulders) and pelvis (abdominals), all in a gentle way compare to some sports more violent and not always accessible to all.

2/ Oriental dance shapes and makes my figure more beautiful!

Indeed, like any sport it burns calories. But it's not just a slimming partner. Bellydance has a toning and shaping effect helping to tense your figure. This is the case, for example, during the famous hip moves.

3/ Bellydance makes me more feminine and sensual!

For sure! First of all, because this discipline helps the woman in becoming aware of her body whatever her age and morphology, and to free herself without worrying about others. We gain self-confidence, fight against shyness. One also becomes graceful. The environment mainly feminine, the singularity of the steps and the music proper to this dance, but also the oriental costumes which value the dancer contribute to this.

4/ Oriental dance frees my mind!

Bellydance makes you travel. Nothing better to free oneself from the stress of work, forget everyday life or just escape than this liberating and relaxing dance. It helps relieve nervous tension and provides immediate psychological well-being but also joy and pleasure.

5/ Bellydance is a social link vector!

It is an opportunity to meet people, make friends during the bellydance lessons but also share a common passion and challenges such as the end-of-year gala. There are lots of mutual help and kindness between the (apprentice) dancers who motivate each other to outdo themselves both during classes and on stage while having fun.

6/ But also… ?

Not scientifically proven, it is said that Bellydance stimulates blood circulation and decreases premenstrual symptoms.

Oriental dance is also an ongoing discovery! There are so many styles (Baladi, Sharqui, Khaleedji...), accessories (bellydance veil, fan veils, bellydance cane, poï veil, Isis wings...), possible mixes with other dances (Eastern Tango, Oriental salsa, Oriental cabaret, Tribal hybride dance...) that there is always something interesting to learn without getting tired of it.

So, convinced?

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