The secrets of a successful dance choreography

To pull off a choreography in oriental dance or any other dance style, dancing well is not enough. It is important to take into account and work on 5 fundamental factors outlined below in order to present to the public a complete and professional performance.


You have to fill the entire stage and space to allow all spectators to enjoy the show whether they are in the front, side or back. To avoid weariness, for example spare from having a static position in the center of the stage during your whole dance. A surprising, original and dynamic choreography will always have more impact. By staging, we also mean the lights or the stage setting. Do not leave anything out and think carefully about all the points that could make your dance look great.

Dance costume

It must be in no way neglected because it is the first thing your audience will see and so the first impression they will have of your dance. It must also be adapted to the theme of your choreography to avoid off-topic and make your performance more convincing. Imagine a festive and dynamic dance in a very dark costume... No need to have a large budget for your costume or acquire a haute-couture dance costume. At a small price in our Bellydance costume shop or even by creating the design of your dance costume yourself with some shiny fabric, sew-on strass, and sequins, it is easily possible to have a beautiful stage outfit. Finally, it is essential to feel comfortable in your costume. Feel free to test and retest your costume during rehearsals to avoid any incident on the D-day.


Choose a powerful music which inspires you. Listen to rhythms, sounds, transitions, musical instruments, lyrics, every detail counts! Prefer a short music or if necessary with varied rhythms. Make an appropriate choice if your choreography fits into a theme show or on the contrary if you want to make the difference.


It is absolutely essential. Whether it is a happy emotion, a sad one, doubt, fear, nostalgia... it is a question of being inhabited by one's dance to have as much pleasure as a dancer but also to seduce the audience. Something will always be missing in a lifeless dance based solely on the so-called "robot dance" technique.


Of course it is important and this, whatever the dancer’s level. The main thing is to master your choreography and present to the audience a finished work of quality. If you are a beginner, you do not need to put yourself in a difficult situation by offering complicated steps or sequences not mastered and revealing gaps. The choreographic creation has no limit and no rule. Very beautiful dances can be presented without necessarily going into complexity or extravagance. Conclusion, be simple and good rather than complicated and approximate! And then patience, those steps that you dream of, you will surely master them later with work and then you’ll be able to present them with pride.

Now that you have all the keys to build a successful choreography, it's up to you or... it's up to you to dance!

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