Stop the prejudices on oriental dancing! 6 ideas to get rid of as quickly as possible!

Whether we hear them and we are tired of hearing them or on the opposite we share them, here are 6 common preconceptions which slow down amateur and professional dancers or even tarnish the image of Bellydance everywhere in the world. So STOP ! At, we simply decided to defend and even "campaign" to deny these prejudices and promote this beautiful art which is, in our eyes, oriental dance. These are our arguments!

1/ « Ah yes oriental dance I know this, it’s the dance of the belly »

Ouch, it doesn’t start well! What does « Bellydance » mean ? That one can do four-minute choreographies only by moving the belly and without moving a hand, foot, or shoulder. Wow, it would be strange and even boring, wouldn’t it? And if we only danced with the belly, what would we do with the veil, Isis wings, fans? We prefer the term "oriental dance" simply because Oriental dance is an ultra-complete dance which, like all other kind of dances, calls for all body parts. It is therefore just as legitimate as any other dance which are more valued like classical dance or the Latin dances.

2/ « Oriental dance, it’s easy ! »

Be careful oriental dance is far less easy than you believe ... One can’t be a belly dancer without prior quality education. It requires rhythm, flexibility, grace, endurance and above all great technique to make accurate and successful movements, otherwise it will be a mess!

3/ « Oriental dancing isn’t a sport ! »

Uhh, has the author of this sentence ever attended a course or a 3-hour workshop with a great Egyptian master? Because to our knowledge and according to the statements of our customers, they leave these workshops certainly happy but also sweaty and sore! Here again, oriental dance is a dance with a big D so a sport which invigorates and builds the body, and makes you feel good!

4/ « I have North African origins so I dance better than others, it is in my blood»

So, this person has surely been immersed since her birth in the oriental culture and perhaps the sounds and rhythms of the oriental music are familiar to her. Maybe she even understands the lyrics which can help in the interpretation but when it comes to the dance and technique, we don’t think it’s that obvious. Like any discipline and because we are all equal on this planet, this dance requires work and learning so it is not a question of origin but more a matter of desire and personal investment, so much the better!

5/ « Oriental dance is vulgar »

Really? That’s new! We’ve already seen vulgar dance outfits, way of dancing, choreographies, but in all types of dance. Why should it be a qualifying term only for oriental dance? Bellydance gets its image according to what the dancer does. And fortunately, most oriental dancers shine by their talent and carry more dreams and magic than the opposite.

6/ « I have curves, oriental dance isn’t for me » / « I’m not 20 anymore and haven’t danced before, it’s too late to start oriental dance»

Why do you say this??? Of course it’s for you! And maybe more than any other dance! Oriental dance loves and emphasizes all women, of all ages and with all morphologies. It is a dance of generosity which will turn you into a true princess of 1001 nights. No more excuse for not being tempted and succumbing to passion, this discipline requires no pre-requisite physical condition and is waiting for you! And you ?

What do you think ? We’re looking forward to your comments and stories!

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  • Halte aux préjugés sur la danse orientale ! 6 idées reçues à se débarrasser au plus vite !
    By : Elena On 06/02/2017

    Genial! Danke für diesen astreinen Blogbeitrag :)

  • Halte aux préjugés sur la danse orientale ! 6 idées reçues à se débarrasser au plus vite !
    By : Marina On 15/01/2017

    J'adore la danse orientale et je ne changerai de passion pour rien au monde !

  • Halte aux préjugés sur la danse orientale ! 6 idées reçues à se débarrasser au plus vite !
    By : Naëlle On 15/01/2017

    En effet, ce sont des préjugés par les gens qui n'y connaissent rien mais dès qu'on commence un cours, on voit bien que c'est tout le contraire...

  • Halte aux préjugés sur la danse orientale ! 6 idées reçues à se débarrasser au plus vite !
    By : Julie On 15/01/2017

    Totalement d'accord avec cet article !