Bellydance during the quarantine

Dear clients, Oriental dancers and teachers, 

Well, it came at the worst possible moment and we were not ready (at all)!

Right in the middle of our bellydance galas ‘rehearsals, preparation of show costumes, very motivated to offer our audience beautiful end-of-year shows full of strass and sequins, we are now confined at home between 4 walls (or if we are lucky in our garden), alone or surrounded by our children 24/7, far from our dance girlfriends, teleworking, or as a superhero for the whole world by working in the essential trades or saving lives… We know it, many projects are « on hold » and the close future is a huge question mark. This atypical situation which causes anxiety is now part of our daily life and we have to “live with it”. But, what did it change in the world of Oriental dance and how did your habits change? Let’s talk about it!  

Let’s admit it ..., the first days it was a bit of a chaos...! "I'm going to gain 1,000 kilos!", "I am going to be flabby and stiff’’, "I am going to be completely unsocialized", "I will never be able to chill", "I will never manage"... yes, yes, don't deny, we saw you on social networks facing the deprivation of practicing your passion as usual, multiplying distress calls or even more or less legitimate SOS ;-) ! 
And then, very quickly, because Oriental dancers are resourceful (but this, we never doubted it), multiple actions took place starting with a string of online Bellydance lessons and tutorials given by your teachers (and we thank them more than ever). Free, for a fee, live, by level, there is something for everyone to continue to practice your passion "with the means at hand"!

From then on, you all became (teachers and students) specialists in new technologies fighting with your tablets, smart phones and PC to connect successfully to several dedicated platforms. Moreover, you took the opportunity to tidy up your living room, comb your hair, and swap your pajamas for the occasion (careful, we can see everything with the webcam!). Well done!
Personalized coaching using webcams has also bloomed and finally, this daily broad access to Oriental dance for everyone allows us to promote this discipline and attract new followers. The Bellydance community is then strengthened, as is the solidarity between dancers.

It is no longer possible to go and see Bellydancers performing in dedicated places? Well, they come to you! The Oriental dancers wear their best costume, doll up, prepare themselves as for a usual and offer us breathtaking performances from their home. A breath of fresh air and a real feast for the eyes despite the circumstances so that, more than ever, life goes on!

And then there are those who start sewing and take this opportunity to create their own Bellydance costume. We can see that our haberdashery department is very popular at the moment; congrats to you on this challenge!

During this peculiar period where our morale can quickly fail, we can only advise to continue to clear your head as much as possible, believe in your dreams, in better days and put more and more glitter on your Bellydance costumes but also in your lives... because all these little things make us feels good! And also because soon, it’s sure, this ordeal will be behind us and we’ll be able to tell ourselves that we faced it together, in the best possible way.

With all our love, 

The team

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