Covid-19 and Bellydance: A mixed start of the school year

Whether we are Bellydance student, teacher, dancer, or artist, we all placed a lot of hope and ambition in this comeback by being highly optimistic in order to prompt a return to a normal (or almost).

It is clear that the situation is persisting over time and this virus is causing great harm to the various stakeholders in the world of oriental dance whether it is the dancers in search of escape whose face-to-face lessons are suspended or have to give the lessons with a mask and therefore in mar conditions, teachers competing in action and energy to get off to a good start while respecting protective measures and ensuring their living income, performance venues and all temporary show business workers or of course the sales professionals such as our store who are also bearing the brunt of this unprecedented global health crisis, and its consequences.

Clearly (and fortunately), we still have distance online courses for the regions affected by this interruption but the uncertainty persists for everyone when it comes to the proceedings of the year and especially whether the end-of-year performance will take place or not, with a situation evolving almost daily.

In this context, and to keep on being positive, moving forward, the essential is to believe in it, accept the situation, adapt, live from day to day but while continuing to keep going and working on some projects; this will allow you not to be discouraged and to see beyond this situation which, let us remember, even if there’s no deadline, is temporary. So, we work hard, and dance, again and again, anytime and anywhere. We continue to shine and feed the flame at all costs even if it is not in a Bellydance class or under the spotlight. To counter frustration, there’s nothing better than passion but also kindness.

This exceptional situation will have had the merit of developing even more the solidarity already very present in the oriental dance community between teachers and dancers. The actions and messages of compassion and encouragement take away the bitterness and darkness that could emerge in these difficult times. Everyone tries at their level and with their abilities to keep oriental dance alive.

With these few words and mixed statement, we also would like to show you our unfailing support.
At any time now the party, joy, dancing, glitter, hugs, friendliness and carefree life will take hold and all of this will be a distant memory, be sure of it as much as we are and dance through thick and thin.

With all our love,

The team

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